Getting linux mandrake to recognise ifc in console

Getting linux mandrake to recognise ifc in console

Hi, im pretty new to linux, but nevertheless managed to get fortran installed. However, if i want to compile a programme, i need to start by typing in the following line for the console to recognise ifc (or ifort):

source /opt/intel_fc_80/bin/

This is rather tiresome and i know there is a way to get it over with by doing something in the login of linux. But, i have no clue to what it is that i have to do. I couldn't find a .login file. So can anyone tell me what i have to do in order to get the ifc command to be recognised in the console instantaneously without getting the horrible -bash statement?

Thanks :-)

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info bash

and look up bash startup files.

I'm not sure to which files you are referring to. Can you please be more specific, like give a path name, or a file name i need to edit for the programme to run at startup?

thank you

Edit ~/.bashrc or ~/.profile and add the line to the end.

. /opt/intel_fc_80/bin/

Note the leading dot -- it is important.

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