ifc on redhat

ifc on redhat

i am testing aopenmp Fortran program and running it ontwo dual cpusystems.

On aSUN Blade machine, i compile the program with Forte Developer 6.2andparallel program runsmuch faster than serial one.
On a Linux machine, i compile the program with ifc compiler, but theparallelprogramtakes almost the same time to run astheserialprogram.

What could run wrong?

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You aren't giving much information to go on. If you have a standard OpenMP program, it should be sufficient to set the ifc -openmp option for compile and link. There are openmp report options to give compile time information on success or failure of OpenMP parallelization. If you have specific red hat version problems, you would have to give more details. ifc -openmp has worked very well on red hat 7.3 and 8.0.

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