ifort v8.0 and Mandrake 9.2 problem

ifort v8.0 and Mandrake 9.2 problem


I've installed ifc v8.0 onto a Mandrake 9.2 box (kernel 2.4.22-21mdk) and have compiled a "large" application seemingly successfully with the following compile and link options:

FFLAGS="-c -xW"
LDFLAGS="-lsvml -Vaxlib -posixlib"

ifortvars.sh is sourced prior to compilation.

The executable that is produced then simply runs without doing anything; it simply returns to the command line without reporting any sort of error. The similar process on a RH9 box works fine, opens a number of output files and dumps its results in them successfully. Under mandrake: zilch.

Has anyone else seen any such behaviour?



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