NLSPATH does not set

NLSPATH does not set

I had a student do a non root install of ifc 8.0. mpich- was compiled as well. We have successfully runthe small mpi program sendrecv.f90 that we got off the internet. I am now trying to run a much larger f90 code. I don't think the details are relavent. There is an error - No such file or directory - but I can't get the name because can't be found. I have tried many combinations of setenv in .cshrc to get NLSPATH to point to the file. It is there and I know the path. Steve, in another posting had /%N at the end of the path. Still no joy. Anyone have any otherthoughts on why NLSPATH does not seem to take? I know that if not found in the /opt/intel_fc_80/lib then a check is made of /usr/lib/ The problem is getting the admins to agree to put the file there.

Ian Leslie
New Mexico State University

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You don't need the actual file in /usr/lib, just a soft link to the one in the compiler bin directory (one is created at install time). I've only used the %N prescription for NLSPATH from the bash shell, don't know if there's a change for the C shell.
Note that " not found" is not itself a fatal error, it simply means that you don't get the text of an error message from the RTL. You should still get the error number immediately preceding this, and you should be able to look it up in the User's Guide.

The (Posix-inspired) message catalog in /usr/lib seems to have been more trouble than it's worth, and will likely get dropped from future versions of Intel Fortran.


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