I was searching for something like tcov to use on Itanium (in addiction to pfmon) and I was really very surprised when I 'uncovered' codecov which came with the Intel compiler 8.0. I failed to see any mentioning about it in the main documentation (except in the file list). After some digging I found an HTML page (/opt/intel/ntel_fc_80/doc/f_ug2/pgo_covr.htm). It turned out one needs to compile using -prof_genx to generate pgopti.spi file during compilation, then runthe compiled code to produce one or more *.dyn files. Then use profmerge on these *.dyn files (actually one is OK) to create pgopti.dpi file. Finally run
$ codecov -prj MyProj -counts
to produce a lot of useful information about the code.

However -prof_genx is never mentioned in Fortran for Linux documentation (except in the meta name contents of html files).

Is there anything else I've missed?

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The code coverage tool (and test prioritization tool) is mentioned in the Release Notes.

Steve - Intel Developer Support

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