reinstall v8.0 on red hat linux

reinstall v8.0 on red hat linux


I'm trying to install v8.0 on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux WS (version3).
But, I got the following message.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Intel Fortran Compiler for 32-bit applications, Version 8.0
This was already installed.
Installation failed.


What kind of rpm options do I need to reinstall ?
Unfortunately, I erased all the files in /opt/intel_fc_80 accidently.

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If you change the rpm -U option to --force, you should be able to replace everything.
I normally run into this when going back to an earlier version. For that, there is an uninstall script in the installation.

To be precise replace the default rpm option of
"-U --replacefiles" with "-U --force".
Since I am new to RPM's, looking at tprince's reply I spent
half-an-hour replacing "-U" with "--force", which obviously
didn't work and had to look at the man page of rpm
to figure out that I had to replace it with "-U --force".

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