Problem with Power(**)-Operator and -pc32 on AMD Systems

Problem with Power(**)-Operator and -pc32 on AMD Systems

Compiling the attached little program with ifc -pc32 (compiler version 7.1.040) and running on two different AMD systems (Dual-Athlon-2000MP and Athlon-2000XP) gives totally wrong results for the direct power operator **. Removing the -pc32 option or replacing with -pc64 gives correct results. Turning off optimization does not change anything. Strangely enough, running the Athlon-created executable on an Intel-based PC it performs correct!

Does anybody have an idea on the cause of the problem?


program power_test
real :: aaa,bbb
aaa = 8.0e-6
bbb = 1./3.
print *, "Use power operator ** :", aaa**bbb
print *, "Use exponential of log:", exp(bbb*log(aaa))
end program power_test


Use power operator ** : 1.863422
Use exponential of log: 2.000000E-02

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