Porting Intel Fortran 7.1 codes to 8.0 compiler

Porting Intel Fortran 7.1 codes to 8.0 compiler

Reading through the release notes to the Intel Fortran 8.0 Linux compiler, I was pleased to see there was a mention of a document that purported to discuss how to port codes compiled with Intel Fortran 7 compilers to the latest version. I've been having troubles doing this and could use any help and advice to clear up the undefined symbol errors I'm getting.

Much to my chagrin, the link in the RN pointed to the generic product page. I've searched and searched and searched through all the links on that page and across the Support and IDS sites. No luck. I've searched through these forums and seen nothing that might be what I'm searching for.

Can anyone post a link to the document that is promised in the Intel Fortran Linux Compiler Release Notes?


-- clay

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My apologies - this document isn't available yet. I've attached the current draft, but it isn't complete.

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