Another platform problem

Another platform problem

Dear friends,
this is the second strange things that happens to me when I try to run a f90 code on a Linux platform ( the same code works under a Windows platform).

Somewhere I define the following type..

type element

integer N
integer Z
integer NA
real(8) MA
character (len=2) Sym

end type element

In another subroutine I put the following code

type (element) elmnts(1:NELE)
elmnts(1)%N = 0
elmnts(1)%Z = 1
elmnts(1)%NA = 1
elmnts(1)%Sym = 'H '
elmnts(1)%MA = 1.007825023

This code crash when I define the real(8) mass
elmnts(1)%MA = 1.007825023

If I comment this line the code works.
There is really something weird happening.

Thanks again for your kind attention


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