PATH for librairies

PATH for librairies

Do you know where I can find the path for these libraires in fortran
-lfor -lFutil
I use the intel_fc_80 fortran compiler

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I don't know why previous attempts to reply don't show on the forum. If you have used the ifortvars script which comes with the compiler, and kept the original gcc path, that will take care of the libraries provided by the compiler and your OS installation. You may have left inlibrary referenceswhich are peculiar to some other compiler, possibly not needed, but it looks like you may have left something out of your build as well. You may be using compatibility library functionswhich would be covered by -Vaxlib.

Tim is correct; those are Compaq Fortran libraries, not Intel Fortran. You will need to change your makefile.

If you absolutely need to list all the libraries, use

ifort -dryrun

to see what the names of the Intel libraries are.

Personally, I recommend using the ifort driver; much easier than having to keep up with any library changes that Intel might make!

- Lorri

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