Warning message with openMP and ifort

Warning message with openMP and ifort


When I compile fortran files with -openmp option ,I get this warning .
ifort: Command line warning: openmp requires C style preprocessing; using fpp to preprocess
Have you an idea about this ?

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Hi Bill -

Yes, it does that for a variety of "historical" reasons.

We hope to remove that requirement soon, but I can't commit to which version.

In the meantime - is it a problem for you, or just a curiousity?

- Lorri

It is just a curiosity since the code work :-)
I was worried if this warning could affect the effeciency.

It shouldn't make a difference to the code - it is just a warning indicating that it must execute the fortran preprocessor (-fpp) before compiling with the -openmp flag. I expect that the intel compiler uses the preprocessor to identify openmp directives. The preprocessor only makes macro substitutions and should not affect the resulting efficiency of the code (unless you have preprocessor directives that are normally not included!).

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