Problem with -parallel flag

Problem with -parallel flag

Hi everybody,

I'm new on this list. I work on an Intel P4 desktop with the fortran compiler 8.0.

The little program "test.f" below give me this error with the -parallel flag:

ifort -parallel test.f ; ./a.out

test.f(10) : (col. 6) remark: LOOP WAS AUTO-PARALLELIZED.
forrtl: severe (174): SIGSEGV, segmentation fault occurred Image PC Routine Line Source
a.out 40132597 Unknown Unknown Unknown
a.out 40081325 Unknown Unknown Unknown

It is related to the -parallel option. Do you know where this
error comes from ? Do you have the same error ? The "program" works fine on an AMD athlon processor.

Thx in advance,


--- test.f
program test

real x1(200),a
integer n

n = 100
a = 1.d00

do i = 1,n
x1(i) = a*a +1.d00
end do


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