ifc d3 Problem

ifc d3 Problem


While working on a larger project, we decided to increase certain program parameters. From a certain value on the program breaks down directly after the program start. This is directly related to the d3 Option of the ifc (Version 7.1 on RedHat 9.0, ca. 2GB RAM, P IV). The problem boils down to the following lines of code below. I indicated the parameter. It contains only a variable section and one write-statement to the console. Finally, we use "ifc -o d3_test.exe -r8 -i_dynamic -d3 d3_test.f90", try it also without -d3, then it works.

Has anyone an idea what went wrong?

Best regards,

program d3_test

implicit none

integer, parameter :: scale = 6
integer, parameter :: ntheta = 90
integer, parameter :: nphi = 180
integer, parameter :: scale_ngrid = (2**scale)*(2**scale+2)
integer, parameter :: scale_level = 3
integer, parameter :: scale_far_degree = 50 ! <- Change this to 45 and everything is cool
integer, parameter :: scale_ffd = (scale_far_degree+1)**2

complex :: D_scale_Loc_Ynk(scale_ngrid,scale_ffd)
complex :: D_scale_Eval_Ynk(ntheta*nphi,scale_ffd)
complex :: Vnk(20*4**scale_level*(scale_far_degree+1)**2,scale_level+1)

write(*,*) 'Hello!'

end program d3_test

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