-arch SSE2 on pentium M

-arch SSE2 on pentium M

Hi all,

I would like to add the flag -arch SSE2on a pentium M laptop, but it gives the following error : unrecognized keyword 'SSE2' for the option '-arch' !

Any idea to solve the problem ?

Antoine Dechaume.

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What compiler are you using? That resembles a Microsoft C option, but this forum is about Intel linux Fortran compilers.
The ifort option to optimize for Banias and Dothan architectures is -xB. That will run on all "genuine Intel" architectures which support SSE2, but uses a fair amount of x87 code, to accommodate the limited SSE instruction decode rate of Banias.
If you want ifort code for all SSE2 architectures, not specifically optimized for Banias, you could use -xW. That will not use much x87 code, except when the option -mp is added.
Both -xW and -xB include vectorization by use of SSE2 parallel instructions.
Regardless of whether you are using an Intel compiler or some other, you will need to consult the documentation about usage of SSE2.

I'm using ifort 8.1with -tpp7 and -xB.
Check the manpage for -arch, you'll see an SSE2 option, I just want to give it a try.

That's an error in the man page. I believe the Intel C compiler accepts that, but not Fortran. As Tim suggests, use -xB for Pentium-M.

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Thx a lot !

For information, this error is also in the user guide and the systems options quick reference guide.

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