making static libraries

making static libraries


I try to bundle some of my software-routines in a static library. At the end of the makefile all objects are combined by the command

ar r libxxx.a 1.o 2.o etc

This library is used with the -lxxxx obtion while linking.

This works fine, BUT:

Some of the programs are using modules for internal comunication. When using the library the linker complains if the file work.pc and the module directory files ".d" are missing in the actual directory where the application is build.

Manually copying these files to the directory works, but can't be the final solution.

Does anybody know, how to include this information in a library or a destination where they can be reached by the compiler?

Thanks in advance


Jan Blmer

(ifc 9.0 on Suse 9.3 )

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