OMP abort problem

OMP abort problem


I am using ifc 9.0. The code does not have any common block. When I ran the code with two threads, I got the following abort message:

OMP abort: Inconsistent THREADPRIVATE common block declarations are non-conforming and are unsupported.
Either all threadprivate common blocks must be declared identically, or the largest instance of each threadprivate common block must be referenced first during the run.

Does any one have the same problem or know what is going on?


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What things do you have declared as THREADPRIVATE in your program?
Can you give an example of your declarations, or a small reproducer?
Mike R.

Hi Mike,

threadprivate variable includes real, integer, allocatable, and character. When I construct some tiny test programs, they all work. But in the small subset (at this point it contains of more than thirty subroutines) of my application, it fails. It failed at this type of formatted write statement:

130 FORMAT(68(' '))

TITLE1 is declared as character*68. When I replace the write statement with

TITLE1 = ' '

It works but it failed later at a deallocation statement. I have checked the variable has been allocated properly and with the right size. All these failures do not make any sense. My thought was some memory location was being stumped on. I turned on all the run time array bound checking and nothing turned up.


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