Segmentation faul, dinamicallly allocated matrix

Segmentation faul, dinamicallly allocated matrix

Hi, I'm using ifort 9.0 to compile a fortran 90 program that I'm developing. The problem is that I compiled it with th -g option, and when I run the program it crashes with a segmentation fault error.

I tried to track down the bug with idb, and it seems that the problem is when a subroutine uses a dinamically allocated matrix, and it can't pass the right dimensions.

May be an explanation is that for allocating that matrix it needs to access the values of some global variables defined in a module. How can I access the values of these variables. Can I debug this program with idb v 9.0?

Please give some ligth, I'm new to ifort, and I'm trying to learn this since I'm porting this program to Linux.

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