Error of MPI1.2.7+ifc9.0 in running Vasp

Error of MPI1.2.7+ifc9.0 in running Vasp

I use ifc9.0 (9.0.021)and mpich1.2.5 to compile Vasp. The compilation process returns no error and it can run serially without no error. but when I run use the mpirun command,vasp returns the following message:

running on 2 nodes
distr: one band on 2 nodes, 1 groups
vasp.4.6.27 26Jun05 complex
POSCAR found : 1 types and 5 ions
LDA part: xc-table for Ceperly-Alder, standard interpolation
/wi/vasp/run/vasp: relocation error: /wi/vasp/run/vasp: undefined symbol: f_powdi

I don't knowthe problemlies inifc or in MPICH. I asked the Vasp support and they replys:

"f_powdi is a library function of ifc, (libimf), therefore the error is not VASP-related. Please check the installation of the libraries at your site. "

how to deal with it?

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