How to write file larger than 2GB?

How to write file larger than 2GB?

I compiled a program using ifort 9.0 for linux. The scratch file which the program writes is very large. And the program abort when the scratch file size reaches 2.1GB. I'm wondering if this problem could be resolved by adding a flag or something else in the compliation process?

My OS is SUSE 10, i386 arch. I downloaded a file with 3.4GB, so I guess my OS support file larger than 2.1GB.

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It should "just work". What is the specific version of 9.0 you have? If it is recent (9.0.032 is current), please send an example to Intel Premier Support.

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Thanks for the response!

I downloaded the compiler 2 days ago with such fjile name -- l_fc_c_9.0.031.tar.gz

So, I think the the versiong is 9.0.031.

I don't understant your word "just work", could you please tell me how to resolve the problem?

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You shouldn't need to do anything. If it doesn't work, we have a bug somewhere and you should report it to Intel Premier Support.

I know that we have tested 4GB (at least) files so I'm somewhat surprised that it doesn't work for you.

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Could the problem be related to where scratch files are located and size of the file system?

As I understand it the location of scratch files depends on the settings of environmental variables:
TMP and TEMPDIR. If both are set, the path specified by TMP is used. If neither TMP nor TEMPDIR is set, scratch files are placed in /tmp.

Per Madsen

thanks a lot for your response! this problem not relate to scratch file and not the TMP varible settings. I used PGI compiler by adding "-Mlfs" flag to enable "large file support". The PGI compiled program looks fine, and produces scratch file with 33G size.

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