-pipe flag equivalent?

-pipe flag equivalent?

I'm working in a network environment where many of the applications I need to compile are on a NFS-mounted drive. Thus, when I compile the several-hundred source files of my program, it takes forever due to all of the network activity created during the assembly stage of the compile. Is there an equivalent to the gcc "-pipe" flag that will force ifort to use pipes rather than temporary files during assembly? This flag has sped up my C compiles by at least 2-3x, so I'd like to be able to do it with ifort as well.


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By default, ifort does not use a separate assembly phase, so there is no -pipe option.

But it still uses temporary files during the compile though, yes? I've noticed that sometimes when I Ctrl-C a compile before it's completed, I get miscellaneous files laying around in my working directory, and they are always 8 characters long, with the first two characters always "st" and the remaining 6 are seemingly random.

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