Object files are not made after compling my makefile

Object files are not made after compling my makefile

Hi. I set up the Redhat Enterprise Linux 4.0 and intel fortran complier 9.0.

I also beginer for Fortran based on Linux. After installing intel fortran complier, I add this command (source /opt/intel/fc/9.0/bin/ifortvars.sh) at /root/.bash_profile. This is correct or not? I donot know the difference fo directorys between fc and fce. Do you know which is better?

I wonder why object files are not made, but I think complie is already done.

This is message after compling makefile for my code.


ifort -c -O3 -tpp7 -Vaxlib -ip precision.f90

ifort -c -O3 -tpp7 -Vaxlib -ip global.f90

ifort -c -O3 -tpp7 -Vaxlib -ip global_param.f90

ifort -c -O3 -tpp7 -Vaxlib -ip global_app.f90

ifort -c -O3 -tpp7 -Vaxlib -ip main.f90

ifort -c -O3 -tpp7 -Vaxlib -ip init.f90

ifort -O3 -tpp7 -Vaxlib -ip -o sms precision.o global.o global_param.o global_app.o main.o init.o

mv ./sms ..


However, I cannot find these files (sms precision.o global.o global_param.o global_app.o main.o init.o). I do not know what I do to solve my problem.

This is my makefile for complie.


SRC = .

EXE = sms

SHELL = /opt/intel/fc/9.0/bin/ifortvars.csh ---> if the line is blanking, the make error

F90 = ifort

F90FLAGS = -O3 -tpp7 -Vaxlib -ip



.SUFFIXES: .f90 .o

.SUFFIXES: .f .o


$(F90) -c $(F90FLAGS) $


$(F90) -c $(F90FLAGS) $

gt_les: $(EXE)

@echo ''

@echo $(EXE) program is now up to date.

@echo ''

# Module list and compile instructions

MODS = precision.o global.o global_param.o global_app.o

precision.o: precision.f90

global.o: global.f90 precision.o

global_param.o: global_param.f90 precision.o

global_app.o: global_app.f90 precision.o

# Code compile statements

main.o: main.f90 global.o global_param.o

init.o: init.f90 global.o global_param.o global_app.o




$(EXE): $(MODS) $(OBJS)

$(F90) $(F90FLAGS) -o $@ $(MODS) $(OBJS) $(LIBS)

mv ./$(EXE) ..

# Type: make clean

# to remove executables, core files, object files, et cetera


rm -f $(EXE) *.o *.mod


rm -f *.o *.mod


rm -f solu

rm -f conver

rm -f filestat

rm -f perf_monitor

rm -f history

cp -f filestat-restart filestat


rm -f debug $(EXE) *.o

rm -f solu

rm -f time_history

rm -f conver

rm -f filestat


tar cvf $(EXE)_`date +%Y_%m_%d_%H%M`.tar






gzip $(EXE)*.tar

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