Intel Fortran Compiler 9.1 is Now Available

Intel Fortran Compiler 9.1 is Now Available

Intel Fortran 9.1 for Linux* is now available. New features include:

- Improved run-time performance optimizations
- Support for additional features from Fortran 2003
- Optimizations to enhance performance on the new Intel Core and Intel Core 2 processors

Please see the product release notes for further details.

Customers can download the new version from Intel Premier Support at no additional charge. (Downloads through Intel Premier Support will be available later today.) FTP downloads are available through the following link:

- Intel Fortran Compiler 9.1 for Linux

You must have a current support license to install the version 9.1 compiler.

Please report any problems with the 9.1 compiler to Intel Premier Support.

Steve - Intel Developer Support
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