Fortran on Mac / XCode 2.3

Fortran on Mac / XCode 2.3


I've installed XCode 2.3 and since then, I've got this error when using ifort :

ld: can't open: /usr/lib/crt2.o (No such file or directory, errno = 2)

How can I modify the config file to set-up the right path ?

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As stated in the installation guide, if you update XCode you must uninstall and reinstall the compiler. The installation will detect XCode 2.3 and install support for it.

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Hi Steve,

I tried it but it did not help.

I'll give it another try.



Nothing to do, I tried a second time re-installation and it did not work.

Well, I was told it should. But then again, we were working with a preview of XCode 2.3 and Apple has an annoying habit of making incompatible changes when they release updates - even worse than Linux (I did not believe such a thing was possible.)

Please report the issue to Intel Premier Support so that you can get the solution when available.

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Hi Steve !

I've submitted the problem yesterday and one of your collegue told me this morning (10 minutes ago ...) that this problem wil be solve with the next release of the compiler.

Thanks !


Is there a mailing list to get on to be notified when the fix comes out? Sorry I could not find anything obvious.

Thank you,


If you have a full license for the compiler, you should get e-mail notice when updates are posted for download. That practice has been followed again since 9.1 came out.

A correction - if you have registered your license for the compiler and created an Intel Premier Support account (done with registration), you'll get notices. Simply posessing a full license is not sufficient.

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Great, thank you for the quick reply!!

Steve and Pierre:

So I should not install XCode 2.3 right now, eh?

I have XCode 2.2.0 presently installed; I have encountered a problem and found that the minimum version of XCode for ifort 9.1.024 is 2.2.1. So I would like to upgrade my XCode to 2.2.1, but I can't find download files at Apple to do this...

Am I stuck until Intel comes out with an update for ifort?


You can download XCode 2.2.1 at

Log in , go to download section and developper tools -> you will fin xcode 2.2.1



Here's what I've been told:

- There is a new compiler update being validated now - I expect it to be released early next week. This should work with the released Xcode 2.3
- If you are running into the crt2.o error, just create a dummy object module called crt2.o and link it in with your project.

A heads up on another issue. Apple changed the way debugging works in Xcode 2.3 (without telling us.) They now require that the .o files from your application be available to the debugger. If you use a single command to compile and link your source, the Intel compilers delete the .o files after linking.

The workaround (described in the release notes for the update) is to do the compile and link in separate commands. Those of you who use Xcode or makefiles to build debug applications aren't affected.

I expect that a future update of the Intel compilers will leave the .o files around in all cases.

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Oh yeah, Xcode 2.2.1. The advice of our Xcode expert is "you really don't want to go there", as the support of Fortran is weak.

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Sorry to join in the discussion late. I'm having the same issue with linking to "crt2.o". Can you explain in more detail what you mean by "just create a dummy object module..."?

Many thanks,

At this point you shouldn't need that - just get the current version of the compiler from Intel Premier Support File Downloads.

But if you wanted to anyway - create a source file such as this:

subroutine crt2dummy

Compile it. Rename the .o file to be crt2.o and include it in your link.

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