./a.out: error while loading shared libraries:libimf.so:.......

./a.out: error while loading shared libraries:libimf.so:.......

hi all, after installing l_fc_9.0.031 in my pentium 32, RH9.0, whenI run the sample program, there is some problem as follows:

./a.out:error while loading shared libraries:libimf.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory.

I do not knowhow to resolve it even though I have confirmed that I followed the guide when I installed this software. My installing process is following:

#tar -zxvf l_fc_c_9.0.031.tar.gz
#./install.sh * ypical install*

#vi .bashrc

export PATH

#source /opt/intel/fc/9.0/bin/ifortvars.sh
#ifort /opt/intel/fc/9.0/doc/samples/int_sin.f90


Would you please help me? Thanks.

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