icc/ifort compile time increases after firewall install

icc/ifort compile time increases after firewall install


a few days ago I declared new firewall rules on my desktop Linux machine in order to block most of the incoming/outgoing TCP/IP packets and now the compile time of icc/ifort has increased significatively. Do the compilers need access to a specific TCP/UDP port or do they "phone home"?

If so, what is the port number or IP address?

Thanks in advance for your response.

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The compilers do not "phone home". They do look for a license server on your network if configured to do so (either the license file names a server or your INTEL_LICENSE_FILE environment variable points to one or more license servers on your network.

We've seen this before with customers who had moved a license server or taken one out of service without updating the license file or environment variable.

It can also happen if you're using FLEXlm licensing for non-Intel products and have a non-existent server in the server path.

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Thank you very much Steve. It seems our FLEXlm license server is having problems. I did a quick test using LM_LICENSE_FILE='' and everything works fine.

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