Free seminar on using Intel Software Development Tools 12/5 and 12/7

Free seminar on using Intel Software Development Tools 12/5 and 12/7

Seminar Overview:
Intel is hosting a FREE seminar on using Intel Software Development Tools to maximize performance on the new multi-core processors. There will be a West Coast and an East Coast session.

West Coast
Session Tuesday Dec 5th , 2006 from 8:30 am to 3 pm
East Coast Session Thursday Dec 7th , 2006 from 8:30 am to 3 pm

West Coast Session Intel Campus in Santa Clara, CA
East Coast Session Intel Campus in Chantilly, VA

How to register: Contact Frank Terlecki or Greg Anderson phone 781 826 2697 phone 503-712-7093

Directions will be provided upon registration.

Maximize Your Application Performance on Multi-Core Intel Processors
Accelerate application performance with built-in Intel compiler optimization capabilities like Interprocedural optimization (IPO), program guided optimization (PGO), auto-parallelization and OpenMP* support. Intel C++ and Fortran compilers work on Windows*, Linux* and Mac OS*, are compatible with popular development environments and are source / binary compatible with many popular compilers.
Maximize Code Performance
Intel VTune Performance Analyzer identifies the code that limits performance in your 32 or 64-bit applications running on Windows* and Linux*. Spend less time identifying bottlenecks and lets you focus on customer focused improvements.
Essential Tools for Threading
Intel Threading Tools simplify the introduction of threading to your applications. Intel Thread Checker finds elusive threading bugs even if they dont occur on your test machine but could on your customers. Improve the scaling performance of threaded applications by understanding threading-related performance issues with Intel Thread Profiler.
Accelerate Your Application Development
Intel Performance Libraries are highly optimized, thread-safe functions for multi-core Intel platforms. Your software can achieve maximum application performance and reduce development time by using functions from a supported library instead of writing and maintaining it yourself.

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