Problem with the installation

Problem with the installation

There are two years that I use Intel Fortran for Windows. One month ago I pass to Debian SO (Debian etch, with Kernel 2.6.18), and I wish to use Intel fortran again.

I download the free-compiler for linux, and, cause I use Debian, I install:

apt-get install rbm alien

now, when I start the installation, I find these:

Checking RPM version ...
Checking Dependencies ...
Checking Kernel and glibc dependencies ... can't identify your machine type, glibc, or kernel.

This product is supported for use with the following combinations :

Machine Type Kernel glibc

1. IA-32/EM64T 2.4.x 2.2.5
IA-32/EM64T 2.4.x 2.2.4
IA-32/EM64T 2.4.x 2.2.93
IA-32/EM64T 2.4.x 2.3.2
IA-32/EM64T 2.6.x 2.3.x
IA-32/EM64T 2.6.x 2.4.x

x. Exit

If you would you like to perform an unsupported install of this product, enter the number corresponding to the platform most similar to yours. Otherwise, enter "x" to exit :

obviously, I chose 1 and continue...

then, after I accept the contract, and so on...

Processing Intel Fortran Compiler for 32-bit applications, Version 9.1 (9.1.036)

Values in [...] are the default values.
You can just hit the Enter key where you want to use the default values.

Where do you want to install to? Specify directory starting with '/'. [/opt/intel/fc/9.1.036] :

Intel Fortran Compiler for 32-bit applications, Version 9.1 (9.1.036)
Installation failed.

Testing Fortran compiler ...
./.././data/ Cannot find ifort compiler in /opt/intel/fc/9.1.036/bin

"Thank you for choosing to install Intel Fortran Compiler 9.1.036 for Linux*"
Please enter your email address to get your registered license
and signup for support services.

Registering for support gives you access to:

* Intel Premier Support
* All product updates for the length of your support term
* Product announcements and technical documentation
* Product support expiration reminders
s to these services is based on your specific purchase agreement.
To receive support services other than through Intel, please see your
vendor's registration and support documentation.

1. Intel Privacy Policy.
x. Exit.

Please enter your selection
or provide your email address to register :


How can I resolve my problem???

Thank you to al in advance


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