-diag-enable sv3 related warnings (empty strings & module procedure calls)

-diag-enable sv3 related warnings (empty strings & module procedure calls)

Apparently, with the command-line option

-diag-enable sv3

enabled, the following line of code (write an empty character to stdout) gives a warning:

write(*,*) ""

warning #12137: [SV] length of substring is non-positive

Is this not good? And if so, why?

The following (Explicitly writing a carriage return) does not generate a warning:

write(*,*) char(13)

and neither does (with space):

write(*,*) " "

I also get a lot of the following warnings (related to module procedure interfaces):

warning #12129: [SV] undeclared procedure "matrix_trace_i"

warning #12129: [SV] undeclared procedure "matrix_trace_r"

these point to the line where the generic subroutine (matrix_trace) is called.

matrix_trace is defined in a module as follows:

interface matrix_trace

module procedure matrix_trace_r, &


end interface matrix_trace

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