Unable to include MKL header files in xcode

Unable to include MKL header files in xcode

Im new to xcode and I am trying to port applications (simple console comand line interface apps) from windows to OSX.
I can compile code and use the multithreaded openmp directives sucessfully, however when I try to include MKL routines, my compiler gives me errors and the compilation fails. I have stripped the application to just state 'hello world' and to also include the MKL_DFTI library.

Essentially using the 'USE MKL_DFTI' statement kills compilation.

I have followed the instructions in the userguide, where I added the user header search path
to the xcode project settings. The resulting compilation gives the following error.

fortcom: Error: /Users/adriandal/testFFT/testFFT.f90, line 9: Error in opening the compiled module file. Check INCLUDE paths. [MKL_DFTI]

The file is at the location so I know it exists!
I have tried to build both before and after running the script which sets up environment variables, however I was under the impression that provided xcode is setup correctly that is unnecessary.

Is there any obvious thing that I need to do to get the header files seen?

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