Xcode 3.0 vs Xcode 2.5?

Xcode 3.0 vs Xcode 2.5?

This question is maybe more about Xcode than about the Fortran compiler.

I've just upgraded to Leopard and have both Xcode 3 and 2.5 installed (and Intel Fortran 10.1.012).

Running my fairly simple projects in Xcode 2.5 works as it did under OS X 10.4 and Xcode 2.5. Running the same project in Xcode 3, I see no output window but the code gets executed.

I am working in debug mode (not release mode) as I don't really plan to build a application but only use the Xcode as an IDE. When I select Build&Run in Xcode 2.5 it builds and runs my code, opening a Run Log window to show the output.

In Xcode 3.0, building works fine and Xcode simply says 'Debugging of "xxx" ended normally'. But it does not show me any output (which is essential for 'real debugging').

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With Xcode 3, you need to manually launch the console window:

Under menu 'Run' -> 'Console'

and just leave that console window up. Yes, seems Xcode 2.4 was a little more user friendly in this regard.


Ah well, they just renamed a few things. Instead of 'Run log', you now have use 'Console'. And add it in the preferences under debugging, On start, with 'Show Console', it then will show up automatically.

By jove, there it is alright! Thanks for the tip, that made my day.


If you look for a command to clear that window, there is a small snag described here:

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