XCode Dependency trees?

XCode Dependency trees?

I've read all the documentation I can find, and as far as I can tell, the XCode (at least 3.0) interface for Intel Fortran, does not build dependency trees for the compilation of files. This requires that we order the files (used modules at the beginning) in the build target. Is this feature in work for future versions of the Intel Fortran XCode interface? I know that for most other platforms (not on mac) this is build order tree is created automatically and I find it to be terribly convienant.


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At the moment, file dependency information cannot be calculated by Xcode for Fortran projects. The only options are to order the files such that they are built in the correct order (as you have observed) or to build the project multiple times until all prerequisites are built. We realize that neither approach is satisfactory and that is one of the reasons we classified the integration of the Intel Fortran compilers with Xcode as a "preview" offering rather than a full product.

We are working with Apple to see that the features required to implement a robust integration of our Fortran compilers with the Xcode development environment can be implemented in the future.

It will "help the cause" if you could file feature request reports with *BOTH* Intel Premier Supportand Applein support of this effort.

Is that link correct or is there something wrong with the Intel website? I keep getting an error and I can't get to it from the standard website links either.

Which link? Both of the links Jeff provides work for me/

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The Apple link works fine, but the Intel link doesn't work on my mac under firefox 3 rc?? (just downloaded but can't remember what release candidate it was). Anyway it gives me a Error 500 for some reason. It works under safari or under FF2.0.0.14 under windows. Don't ask me, I don't even work here.

that is odd - I use Leopard w/ Firefox 3.0 RC 1 and it works for me.

Try Tools->Clear Private Data to flush your cookies and cache.

OR try http://premier.intel.com instead of 'https'

Other than that, I'll check with our webbies to see if we were down anytime recently.

thanks for letting us know, I'll look into it.


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