exit code 1

exit code 1

I am recompiling legacy code from the DOS days in XCODE. There are some warnings about common blocks not being identical sizes which probably not the root of the problem here, - I am getting an ld error.

The error looks like :

!(stopsign) Other
!(stopsign)"_main", referenced from:
!(stopsign)Command /Developer/usr/local/bin/ifort-11.1-base/bin/intel64/ifort failed with exit code 1

!(cautionsign) Other
... some cautionary notes about no rule to process include files, followed by

Start in ctrl.10.5.0
Symbol(s) not found
Collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

I cannot see any way to find the missing symbols. I tried settings 10.4 Debug i386; 10.6 Release i386 with no luck.

XCODE made a main.c file which I /* */ed the code in, as the linker was complaining about a conflicting main in the Developer directory.

I an using OSX 10.6.2 Dual Core Intel Xeon with XCODE 3.2.1

How do I track down the missing symbols?


Peter Walker

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