reinstalling compiler on MAC after license expired

reinstalling compiler on MAC after license expired

Hi there,

I have a F90 suit (license LBTR-F42V7HMV) installed on a MAC which currently has Leopard installed. I'd like to reinstall
the system completely, may be install Snow Leopard instead, as X11 is not working properly and all my attempts to correct
the problem failed. This is not a big deal for anything else, but I am wondering what need to be done to keep the F90 suit
I purchased. I do not have support for it anymore, but I still have some images (dmg) on my disk, not sure though if I have
the very first original download from Intel, may be these all are upgrades I received.

The questions are:
(1) can I still get the last version I am entitled for, probably dating back to 2007-8 so that it could be used
after the system is reinstalled?
(2) or would it be enough to have the latest disk image file of the upgrade I currently have to install the
F90 suit on the new system?
(3) it is possible to install the new system without erasing the disk as the old system will be moved to a new directory.
Although I'd prefer to start from scratch, what should I do to reinstate the compiler, libraries and tools in this case?

Many thanks,

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