*.o: file not recognized: File format not recognized

*.o: file not recognized: File format not recognized


I am using intel fortran 10.1.013.

Production of my *.o files is successfull.

But now, I am blocked at the generation of my shared library :

Command line: ifort -shared *.o -o libmylib.so

It returns the following error: *.o: file not recognized: File format not recognized

I am working on a 32 bits Linux RedHat 5.

But when I do a ifort -logo, it returns : Intel Fortran Compiler for applications running on Intel 64

Is the installation of fortran incorrect ? What can I do ?

Thanks for your answers


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The command line shown is correct so that's not an issue.

The error is actually emitted by the linker and not the compiler and it relates to using a 64-bit capable compiler with a 32-bit capable linker.

First, ensure the 32-bit Intel Fortran compiler is installed. The 64-bit compiler installs under /opt/intel/fce. The 32-bit compiler installs under /opt/intel/fc. (Note the absence of "e" in the 32-bit case).

When setting up your environment to use the compiler, you need to execute:

source /opt/intel/fc/10.1.013/bin/ifortvars.sh (or.csh)

Since your using the 64-bit compiler, that says you source'd the ifortvars.sh (or .csh) from the "fce" area.

Hope that helps.

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