With .mat matlab file?

With .mat matlab file?


My results need to be saved by 4 arrays. Now I do this by using the format of .txt file. I am wondering there is any existing routine I can use to save the 4 arrays in the format of .mat file? MAT file is for matlab to save matrix.

BTW, it will be great if there is also any existing routine to read the data in MAT file.

Thanks very much.


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Hi Ying,

Mathworks provides a Fortran API. Can you take a look at this Mathworks web page and let us know if it provides the capability you're looking for:


Steve D.
Intel Developer Support


As Steve pointed out, Mathworks provides an API for reading/writing mat files.

In addition you can use severa other (open) data formats. Have a look at NetCDF and HDF.

Using an open standard will provide a great deal of flexibility and help to avoid a vendor lock.


mat files version 7.3 are HDF5 based and you could probably use other libraries to read and write. see http://www.hdfgroup.org/HDF5/



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