Uninstalling intel compiler

Uninstalling intel compiler

My first
installation of the intel fortran compiler didnt sort of went
successfully. Instead of uninstalling the compiler I deleted the folder
/opt/intel. Now when I try to install again, it is asking to uninstall
the exisisting one, whose folder doesn't exist. What should I do?
Please help me out

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Why is nobody replaying anything. Please try to help

I think most everyone else is still sleeping. Its really early AM in the US. :-)

I'm guessing you're using Linux in which case the blocking issue likely relates to the RPM database entries that you must remove first and then retry the installation.

To determine the RPM database entries to remove, execute: rpm -qa | grep intel

As "root", you need to remove the entries manually using: rpm -e

Replace above with the name of a RPMfrom the first command. Repeat as necessary until all RPM "intel" entries are removed, then retry the installation.

First of all, a lot of thanks for helping.

Though I deleted a few files from the rpm by the way u mentioned, many are showing errors like,

"error: "intel-cprof064-11.1-1" specifies multiple packages

error: Failed dependencies:
intel-cprolib069 is needed by (installed) intel-cprolibdev069-11.1-1.i486
intel-cprolib069 is needed by (installed) intel-cproflib069-11.1-1.i486
and are not getting deleted.

Please suggest some solution. I am using Open Suse 11.2 as OS. Thank u Once again

Happy to help.

I don't have RPM entries handy at the moment to try this, but have you tried removing those specifically with:

rpm -e intel-cprolibdev069-11.1-1
rpm -e intel-cproflib069-11.1-1

With your help I have successfully removed all the "Failed Dependency errors". But the erros that still persists are,
error: "intel-cproflib064-11.1-1" specifies multiple packages

error: "intel-cprolib064-11.1-1" specifies multiple packages

error: "intel-cprolibdev064-11.1-1" specifies multiple packages

error: "intel-cprolibdev064-11.1-1" specifies multiple packages

error: "intel-cproflib064-11.1-1" specifies multiple packages

error: "intel-cpromklib064-11.1-1" specifies multiple packages

error: "intel-cpromklib064-11.1-1" specifies multiple packages

error: "intel-cprolib064-11.1-1" specifies multiple packages

Thanks in advance for your next reply

Ok, try the long command below. Its equivalent to what the uninstall.sh executes. Its one very long command-line (no line breaks). Hopefully you can cut-n-paste from the Forum window to your terminal window on the Linux system:

rpm -e --nodeps --allmatches intel-cpromklib064-11.1-1 intel-cproflib064-11.1-1 intel-cproidbsdk064-11.1-1 intel-cpromklib064-11.1-1 intel-cprolibdev064-11.1-1 intel-cprolib064-11.1-1 intel-cpromkl064-11.1-1 intel-cprof064-11.1-1 intel-cpromklibdev064-11.1-1 intel-cprof064-11.1-1 intel-cprolibdev064-11.1-1 intel-cpromklibdev064-11.1-1 intel-cproflib064-11.1-1 intel-cproidb064-11.1-1 intel-cprolib064-11.1-1 intel-cprofsdk064-11.1-1

If you want to try clearing each of your remaining entries seperately, an example would be:

rpm -e --nodeps --allmatches intel-cprolibdev064-11.1-1

Where you have dependencies between installed rpms, you must remove them all with a single command, or start at the tail of the chain and work backwards, as Kevin describes.

After you get all the rpm entries removed, and if you installed as a non-root user, remove the directory ~/intel


My understanding isthat non-root users cannot modify the RPM database. The user removed /opt/intel which landed them in this predicament.

My only parting advice is, next time, use the /bin//uninstall_cprof.sh (where is ia32, intel64 or ia64 as appropriate for your installation) script provided with the compiler. See the 11.1Installation Guide and Release Notes (section 2.4) for specific instructions.


unfortunately, I was stupid enough to do almost exactely the same thing (intel c++ compiler suite11.1-072 on ubuntu 10.04, originally installed with a silent install). So the install script does not allow for a new installation but the installation folder is gone.

I tried your suggestion and did the rpm query for intel: rpm -qa | grep intel
I got no results back. So I tried: rpm -qa
Still no results! So I guess there are no rpm entries left?

What am I doing wrong? I tried the following line earlier: rpm -e --allmatches `rpm -qa |
grep intel-cpro | grep 072 | grep 11-1`
as found here: http://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/intel-compilers-for-linux-versi...
Most probably this deleted all rpm entries already?!
However, when I try it once again I get the following message: "rpm: please use alien to install rpm packages on Debian, if you are really sure use --force-debian switch. See README.Debian for more details."

Still, the install script will not run because it claims there is the compiler installed.

What else can I do?

Ubuntu is based on Debian. Did you use the --force-debian switch?


Your install would be a NONRPM flavor which is why you're not seeing any information via rpm. As such, the installation anchor you must remove resides in the $HOME/intel directory of the associated user account used when installing the compiler.

So, to install the same release again under that same user account you first must remove the following file: $HOME/intel/intel_sdp_products.db

Hi guys,

thank you for your help. The file resides in my case (installed as root) not in $HOME/intel but in /opt/intel/. After renaming this file ... installation worked again.
Once again, thank you very much for the help! You saved me a complete reinstall of the system. :)


Ah yes, that's correct for the root account install. Thanks for clarifying. Glad the clue helped.

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