-mcmodel on 64bit system

-mcmodel on 64bit system

I'm compiling a Fortran77 code using ifort 11.1 on a 64bit OpenSuse 11.3 OS. I have certain parameters in the code that I can specify beforehand. If those are set too large, the code won't compile.
Reading the manpage for ifort, I came across the "-mcmodel" command. Unfortunately this seems to work for 32bit OS only.
Is this true? Is there a similiar command for the 64bit version? Or am I completely off track here and memory allocation is not the true cause of my problems?
Thanks a lot in advance!

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Without seeing the errors it is unclear if those are compile-time or perhaps link-time related. You might review the Knowledge Base article about Avoiding Relocation errors.

The ifort man page for the latest 11.1 update 6 (Linux: 11.1.072) release correctly indicates that -mcmodel is for Architectures: Intel 64 only. If yours indicates IA-32 only, then it is incorrect.

Your application may require: -mcmodel medium -shared-intel (see the earlier referenced article)

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