Trial version freezes sometimes

Trial version freezes sometimes

Hi, I'm running the trial version of Fortran on Mac OS X 10.6.4 and XCode 3.2.1. It happens that ifort freezes. For example, issuing the command line ifort --version on the terminal doesn't show anything and freeze. I can stop it with CTRL + C. If I reboot my computer, it usually works again. I don't know if it is related but I don't have any Internet connection on this computer. Any idea on how to fix that ? Thanks

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That is a strange one for sure. First I've heard of it.

You may be on to something though, with the hint about no internet. On first use, the compiler tries to 'activate', which means it tries to connect to Intel to fetch a license and store it on your computer. It's a 1-time thing.

Look in /Users/Shared/Library/Application Support/Intel/Licenses - this is a directory where it will store the license. Do you have a license?

If not, take the serial number you received for the trial version, on another computer go to and set up an account and register the license. Once logged in to Registration Center, on the first page you'll see a table with a row for "Intel Fortran Compiler Professional Edition for Mac OS* X". Click this blue text, it's hyperlinked. Next page, last row of the table you'll see your serial number and a column named "Licenses" and a hyperlink 'Manage'. Click 'Manage'.

Next page, you'll see the actual license and below a button to "resend license file to my email". Send it. Move it to the Mac using a USB drive. Place it in the directory listed above, creating the directory if necessary. OR you can plop the license file in a folder named /opt/intel/licenses


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