[help]: Print statement and SIGBUS error?

[help]: Print statement and SIGBUS error?

Dear all,I am writing an implementation of Delaunay triangulation and Voronoi diagram. And I am facing a strange error, that is if I add a print statement before some subroutine (line 522 in DelaunayAndVoronoi.F90), there is no error, but if not, SIGBUS or segmentation error will occur.My code can be obtained through

git clone git://github.com/dongli/DelaunayAndVoronoi.git

then go into "UnitTest" dir and type "make".PS: If youdon't have installed NetCDF library, you can comment out "use NFWrap" and "DelaunayAndVoronoi_Output" subroutine in DelaunayAndVoronoi.F90, and also the object dependency in Makefile.Thanks for any help!Cheers,DONG Li

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I have found the bug, which hides very deeply.When I use recursive subroutine, I declare two version of a variable "found" and "realFound", which should be merged. The judging condition for using which one is buggy. Now the bug has gone. : ) If you are interested, you can check out my code managered by git.Cheers,DONG Li

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