XCode 4

XCode 4

I see that Apple has released XCode 4. I'm leery to install it before I know it will work with ifort. Any news on this front?Raph

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Not yet supported. We have work in progress.

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I took the chance and installed XCode 4. Opening an existing project works fine except for the syntax coloring. Building and running it is also ok, and debugging seems to run ok as well. This is not a thorough test that I ran, but unless you insist on syntax coloring you seem to run no risk when installing Xcode 4, all the more so as it installs nicely in parallel with the previous version making it simple to fall back in case things go wrong.I like the way Xcode 4 neatly arranges things in a single window, which looks much tidier to me, and I look forward to Intel's work in progress (thanks Steve for letting us know) for full support of Fortran Composer XE.

Steve--Any progress here?ThanksRuedi

Supported in the current update 4.

Retired 12/31/2016

Works fine for me. All except the syntax coloring that is.

I just installed Xcode (latest version) and Intel Fortran Composer XE for MAC OS. I think the instructions in the manual refer to the earlier version of Xcode (3). I opened a new project, deleted the main (C language) file and created a new one, called it something.f90, then changed the Target process to Fortran source files using Intel Fortran compiler XE (12.0).When I hit cmd+B, I get "Build failed" message - uncategorized error #10310: Failed to enable trusted storage check for licensing: Warning: Enable Trusted Storage failed (flexnet error code 1). Trusted Storage based license could not be supported.I have a demo version that activated ok during the installation (at least it showed some message saying that the installation was ok).Could you please help me? Thanks.

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