ld: warning: -macosx_version_min not specificed, assuming 10.6

ld: warning: -macosx_version_min not specificed, assuming 10.6

In every compilation, a warning "ld: warning: -macosx_version_min not specificed, assuming 10.6" is pop up with ifort Build 20110112. Of course, in my machine,mac os is 10.6.6. How to get rid of this ?

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Which version of Xcode are you using?

I am using Xcode 4.0 and installed ifort only for command line.

Xcode 4.0 isn't officially supported by the Intel compilers yet. It was only released last week!

This message appears to simply be a warning. So far as I can tell, the resulting executables are fine. Let me know if your experience is different.

Hi, I am having the same problem with ifort.

ld: warning: -macosx_version_min not specificed, assuming 10.6

To be specific this is not ifort problem. As I have checked the same code in the same computer inside the guest account. The ifort is showing no warning. Its perfectly working. So may be I did something in my account.

I am using Mac OS X 10.6.8
xcode 3.2.6
gcc 4.2.1
ifort 12.0.3
I hope its nothing to do with XCode or gcc. But may be experts can help us about these things. Anyway, there is no problem compiling or running any codes.
For test I installed g95 into my mac pro. g95 compiler, though obsolete, shoing same king of warning.
Please give some hints on these.

That was a bug we fixed a while ago. here is the workaround:

This is because there is a linker option -macosx_version_min that the
new linker is trying to get us to specify. You can get around this by
passing that option to the linker:

ifort -Wl,-macosx_version_min,10.6 hello.f90

Thanks Ronald.

It Works. But I dont want to by pass the warning. Is there any other ways to solve this? I have looked at another machine where I have installed same ifort. I have typed locate ifort in both the machines and there is some difference in the result(output). I can post that also. Can you please help me out? Do I have to re-install ifort on my machine? (the other machine has same configuration but no warning shows.)

This warning was caused by a change in the Apple linker, ld.  the linker and tools come with Xcode.  The ifort compiler was updated to work with newer versions of ld.  The best solution is to upgrade your compiler.  https://registrationcenter.intel.com is where you go to get updates.  This assumes that you have kept your license up to date so that you have access to newer compilers.

ld -v

will show the linker version that came with your Xcode.  The system that does not show the warning may have the older ld installed IF you have the same compiler on both.  ifort -V to be certain.

Differences in path to ifort:  During installation one can install ifort in any location.  The default is /opt/intel/bin (link to actual installation).  Also, /usr/bin will have a symb link 'ifort' that maps to a couple of other links to finally resolve which ifort is used.  Again, ifort -V should give the definitive answer to which version is used.  Make sure to use:

source /opt/intel/bin/ifortvars.sh intel64

rather than relying on the links in /usr/bin.  Those could be out of date.


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