Loading and calling the dylib dynamically

Loading and calling the dylib dynamically

I have a prgram that we have implemented a new licensing scheme. This licensing scheme comes from Nalperion Software and they use dll's for their licensing integration. I have add the needed information into out program for Windows and Linux and have it running, but on Mac we have a problem. After compiling and then try running we get an error.

dyld: Library not loaded: libFileMgmt_611_20100602 
Referenced from: PATH TO PROGRAM 
REason: image not found 
Trace/BPT trap
Nalperion is telling me that we need to dynamicly load the dylib file.  Here is how we have incorporated the dylib file
into our coding. (the file is lib/libFileMgmt.dylib)
#  Explicit Targets

relap5$(NM).x:  envrl/envrl$(NM).a matpro/matpro$(NM).a 
        relap/relap5.$O relap/relap$(NM).a scdap/scdap$(NM).a 
        tpfh2o$(NM) tpfd2o$(NM)
	$(f90) $(FFLAGS) $(FPSTOP) $(FL) relap/relap5.$O 
	relap/relap$(NM).a scdap/scdap$(NM).a 
	matpro/matpro$(NM).a scdap/scdap$(NM).a envrl/envrl$(NM).a 
	lib/libFileMgmt.dylib -o binrelap5$(NM).x

How do we dynamicly load the dylib file? Nalperion is saying that we use dlopen(), dlsym(), dlclose()

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