Using Intel Fortran Compiler with Xcode 4.2

Using Intel Fortran Compiler with Xcode 4.2

Hi,I have installed the Intel Fortran Compiler for Mac OS (12.1.0) for use both within Xcode (4.2) and from the command line. However, the compiler is not available to select within build rules in Xcode (despite its documentation appearing in Preferences > Downloads > Documentation). Reinstalling it didn't seem to help. It works fine from the command line but it would be useful to integrate with Xcode. Any ideas why it's not showing up?Thanks very much,Oliver

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Have spent some more time looking into this. The Fortran templates don't seem to have been installed for Xcode - no directory /Developer/Library/Xcode/Templates/File Templates/Fortran has been created and Spotlight searches for Fortan Fixed Format File.* and Fortran Free Format File.* yield no results. Also there doesn't seem to be a IFORT 12.1 Compiler.xcplugin file anywhere (I understand this should have been created in /Developer/Library/Xcode/Third-Party Plugins/).
I have reinstalled the compiler several times now to no avail.Any help much appreciated.Versions:Intel Fortran Compiler XE 12.1 (update 6)Xcode 4.2Mac OS X Lion 10.7.2Oliver

I notice the exact same things, also using XCode 4.2, Lion 10.7.2, IFC12.0.5 20110719.Using the same IFC a few weeks ago on another machine (so that would have been XCode 4.1, and, I think, Lion 10.7.1) these problems did not occur.

Same thing here. I can't compile inside Xcode 4.2 (Lion 10.7.2) with Composer XE 12.1.

As is usual, Apple introduces incompatibilities in just about every update to Xcode. Update 7 has support for Xcode 4.2 and should be available within the next couple of days.

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Thanks, Steve. Will U7 bring pretty colors back?Thanks,Kevin

Only if you have a really colorful screensaver. ;-)

The problem does not seem to be unique to our integration with Xcode: the disappearence of Fortran syntax coloring has been noticed by users of gfortran as well. We've asked Apple (e.g., filed a radar) what changed but haven't gotten an answer yet.

If we find out it's our problem, we'll fix it as soon as we can.

Any news about the syntaxhighlighting?

There has been no response yet to the radar I filed. When there is, I'll post something here.

Apple is aware of the problem with Fortran syntax highlighting and consider it a bug. They are working to get a fix into Xcode as soon as possible.

The syntax coloring is back!

What changed in your environment?

I have installed xcode 4.3. It seems to be quite different from 4.2 internally: now it's an app in /Applications, and there's no /Developer folder.

Quoting filipesmg
The syntax coloring is back!

could you please specify more details how you get the syntax coloring back? My code in Fortran is finely compiled and built under Xcode 4.2 but I cannot find Fortran listed under Editor>Syntax Coloring. Is there any other setting that I miss?ThanksEbrahim

I have just installed Xcode 4.3 and the coloring was back. It has a "Fortran 90" in the Editor -> Syntax Coloring menu.

I have to say that I'm not compiling and running my programs inside Xcode anymore (I'm just using it for editing), so I don't know if the compiler works on Xcode 4.3. All I know is that the coloring is working fine.

Quoting filipesmg
I have to say that I'm not compiling and running my programs inside Xcode anymore (I'm just using it for editing), so I don't know if the compiler works on Xcode 4.3. All I know is that the coloring is working fine.

Thanks Filip for the reply. Do you by any chance check it under Xcode 4.2? I don't have it in 4.2 and I cannot upgrade to 4.3


Yes, under Xcode 4.2 I could compile and run with the latest ifort (12.1.0), and syntax coloring was not working. Then, I stopped compiling and running my programs on my computer when I updated to Xcode 4.3.Actually, I have already tried to compile through Xcode 4.3, but something is strange - it seems to be compiling, but an old version of my program. It's writing old values and giving me an error on a line that it's not even there anymore.

how do you enable it ? It doesn't show automaticallly nor there is an option in Editor>Syntax Coloring

In my menu Editor -> Syntax Coloring, there's a Fortran 90 option:, I'm using Xcode 4.4, and my ifort is think I have installed it when I had Xcode 4.2, and after that, I have only updated Xcode. Since I'm compiling my program on Terminal, I didn't have any problem. I never had to enable the coloring, it was automatic after installing ifort and the xcode plugins.

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