Segmentation fault when using type-bouding procedure

Segmentation fault when using type-bouding procedure

Dear all,I am trying to use the newer Fortran standard to enjoy the object-orient code style, including inheritance, type-bounding procedures, etc. In the attachment are some sample codes. Ifort can compile them, but give segmentation fault at run time, but gfortran (4.6.2) works fine. Can anyone try those codes out, and find the problem?PS:The ifort version at my server iscomposer_xe_2011.sp1.6.233.Best regards,Li

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I have tried the newest ifort (12.1.2), this problem is still there!

i will test this and respond back.


Thanks for sending this issue to us. It is interesting. I opened bug report DPD200177611

I was able to considerably simplify this testcase. My bug report included reduced testcase that I've attached here.
We will keep you posted on progress with this bug.



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Dear ron,I am waiting for the answer. Thanks for your work!Cheers,Li

Dear ron,I am still waiting for an answer. Can you tell me what the status is? Thanks very much!Li

It is still under investigation.

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This bug has been fixed in version 13.0, "Composer XE 2013" which is available on

Thank you for helping us improve our compiler!


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