Xcode support update?

Xcode support update?

Hi folks,
I'm new to this forum and maybe this is well known but in any case I'd like to ask it :)
I was wondering what is the real status of intel fortran integration with Xcode.
I mean to say: what versions do work with? And what does 'work' mean exactly? For instance i remember few months ago it was said that Xcode was supporting intel fortran compiler, but it had issues when detecting dynamically allocated arrays etc.
Has all this been sorted out already?

Thanks in advance.

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At the moment, Xcode 4.2 is the supported version with the latest Intel compiler. With Xcode 4.2 installed, you have full capabilities of Intel Fortran when compiled from the command line. Use of the Xcode IDE has "limited support", due to Apple not providing the necessary "hooks". I have no idea what is being referenced regarding "detecting dynamically allocated arrays".

Steve - Intel Developer Support

Hi Steve,

first of all, thanks for the reply ;)
Then the question about 'dynamically allocated arrays': some time ago, a fortran code containing pieces of code like:

real*8, pointer, dimension(:) :: a
allocate (a(5))
do i=1,5
a(i) = 1.d0*i

could not be debugged well in the sense that when asking Xcode to tell the value of the a(2) for instance, it did not provide the right answer.
If a was declared statically, then the problem disappeared. That is what i mean to say when I say what I say :)

Do I have to understand that this is no longer a problem?
Also, what version of the fortran compiler does work 100% with Xcode 4.2?

best regards and thanks again.

The Apple debugger, available from within Xcode, does not support Fortran. You must run the Intel Debugger (idb) separately from outside Xcode.

Intel Fortran Composer XE 2011 Update 9 works with Xcode 4.2.

Steve - Intel Developer Support

sorry Steve but I don't seem to get what you say. Let's see: do I have to understand that I can not fully debug fortran code within Xcode?
In his sense, the status hasn't changed much, has it?
I was hoping that I could use Xcode as a fully working/editting/debugging enviroment, as Xcode is supposed to be that.
Oh well anyway maybe in the future :)
Do you know if there are plans for fully-functional support under Xcode?

Or in anyca se, is there any graphical IDE for idb? The Linux versio has it and I use it quite a bit, and it works fine. For instance can I use/debug intel fortran from within eclipse?

Thanks again.

We would very much like to provide full integration in Xcode, including Fortran-knowledgeable dependency analysis and debugging, but Apple, to date, has not provided the hooks in Xcode that we need to do so. We continue to work this issue with Apple.

Yes, you can use Eclipse for an IDE. Sorry, the GUI for idb is not available on OS X.

Steve - Intel Developer Support

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