why my idb not work

why my idb not work

we have bought the intel fortran compiler 11.1 for linux and have installed it in our linux platform(OPENSUSE)
now I want to use idb to debug my fortran program, so I find idbvars.sh in the path /opt/intel/bin/intel64 , add into my .bashrc 'source /opt/intel/bin/intel64/idbivars.sh' and source the .bashrc .
but when I input idb in my command line, I get the answer '(dbggui:13082): Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display:' so I turn to Xmanager terminal , but I get the answer 'could not checkout FLEXlm license' , it's contrary to the fact that I find the licence file 'intel_TBE.lic' in the path '/opt/intel/licenses'

so I want to know what's the matter and how to solve my problem


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It may be worth while to go to https://registrationcenter.intel.com and have a fresh copy of your ifort license emailed. If you mean a floating license, it may be better to ask on the companion forum about licensing and registration.
Your statement that you bought 11.1 is a bit curious, as it hasn't been the current compiler for over a year. With a current purchase, you would need to go to registrationcenter to get 11.1. If you bought a copy from old stock, you should be entitled to register the license on registrationcenter, get an updated license emailed to you, and download a current compiler version.
If your OpenSuSE is at all up to date, the ifort upgrade may be helpful. It's difficult to correlate OpenSuSE versions against the fully supported linux versions, but gcc version may be one of the better clues. Did you consult the note posted at the top of the forum about installing on OpenSuSE?
With OpenSuSE, which isn't formally tested with ifort, you may have an issue with recognition of JRE for the GUI idb, which you should be able to solve by installing one from Oracle JRE download site.

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