Problem when using profile-guided optimization

Problem when using profile-guided optimization

Hi everyone, I'm using the lastest ifort 12.1.5 and I'm tesing the pgo (profile-guided optimization) feature, but encoutered problems. Here's my program, a quite simple hello world:

program main print *, "hello" end program main 

then i compile it like this:

ifort -prof-gen hello.f90
then I run the program


and then compile it again:
ifort -prof-use hello.f90
but I got the following error message:
/tmp/hello.f90(1): warning #11507: Value profiling mismatch for 'MAIN__'.
Does anyone know why? did I miss something? Thanks.

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This looks like an extraneous warning message. I'll enter a bug report.

Bug tracking ID DPD200233819



How could I track the bug with the ID?

This thread is how you track this bug. When a fix is made I have to update this thread to let you know.


This bug will be fixed in an upcoming update release. This will be in Composer XE 2013 Update 1. This update should come out sometime this month.


Closing this issue.  This was fixed in the Update 1 compiler, and confirmed fixed in Update 2 as well.


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