Obtaining subroutine executed from optimized a.out file

Obtaining subroutine executed from optimized a.out file


I have compiled and build my cfd code, getting an a.out in the end.

I have done some revisions on my source code and I can't remember what I have changed.

Now, is it possible to see how "looked inside" the old a.out file to check which subroutines are used and executed?

What tools can I use? Also, the a.out was built using -O3, -ipo.


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With a profiler such as VTune or oprofile, you should be able to get a fair idea of time spent in various subroutines. The -ipo will prevent you from seeing some of the callees separate from their caller. You will see at best only the assembly code.

When multi-file IPO is enabled the assembly output is inhibited (at least on Windows). You can use VTune as you say and then obtain Assembly code which you can copy and paste into another document (a few lines at a time). Single file IPO still produces assembly code though optimizations may be different.

Jim Dempsey

Ok I'll give it a try. Thanks!

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