Asking for linux-library

Asking for linux-library

Hi everyone,

I'm working with complex non-symmetric matrices and I want to get the
eigenvalues/eigenvectors of them, i.e., the eigenvalue problem for
unitary matrices.

Does anyone know about a Fortran 90 subroutine (library) that can perform this job?

I checked on LAPACK but haven't found one.


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Look at the section "Nonsymmetric Eigenvalue Problems" in the MKL reference manual. There is a "decision tree" diagram there to help you pick the appropriate routine(s) for your purposes.

Just for reference, after working with the decision tree, I found a better option and it is the subroutine zgeev implicit in lapack;
apparently, it has all the subroutines describe in the decision tree you just called.

Check netlib too, I think there's a eigen problem library but I can't remember its name.

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