how to compile x64 in hpc linux?

how to compile x64 in hpc linux?

We have both windows solver in local windows machine and linux solver in high performance computer (hpc). We compile both solvers using Intel fortran compilers. In windows, we have intel visual fortran so I can specify platform either win32 or x64. On hpc linux, I always use the command line like

ifort -c *.f and ifort -o abc *.o

to compile and link and get the solver

Recently, we need improve the array size which exceed the limit of win32 allowed.

1.75G is the max, see the link

So we change the platform in windows from win32 to x64.

I don't know on hpc linux system

(1) the command listed above in linux is for 32 bit or 64 bit?

(2) if not, is there any command to specify to 64 bit

Thanks a lot!

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On Linux, you use an argument to a "source" command to specify the platform you want to compile for.  (You do something similar on Windows in the command line.)  This is how the ifort command becomes available.  So what you want is to type:

source /opt/intel/bin/ intel64

Once you do that, "ifort" gets you the x64 compiler.

Steve - Intel Developer Support

Thanks a lot!

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